How to Use Orbital Cannon for Free: Beginner’s Guide


How to Use Orbital Cannon for Free?


Hey, dawgs! Do you want to know how to use an orbital cannon for free? Then, listen up, my fellas! In this blog post, I will teach you how to use an orbital cannon for free and get ready to cause some destruction in GTA Online. So, let’s get started with the main topic.

How to Get Orbital Cannon?

Firstly, you must know how to obtain an orbital cannon in GTA Online. You can get it by purchasing a facility for a whopping $3,250,000. But, to use it, you’ll need to pay $500,000 per shot, which is too much if you ask me, dawg. So, here’s where I come in to help you.

How to Use Orbital Cannon in GTA Online?

To use the orbital cannon for free in GTA Online, you’ll have to download a tool called Low Orbit Ion Cannon. Now, don’t get confused, my Aussie fellas. It’s not a real cannon, but a software tool that can mimic a DDoS attack. You can use it to shut down any website or server, but that’s not what we’re here for. So, follow these steps to use the orbital cannon in GTA Online for free:

Step 1: First, you need to download the Low Orbit Ion Cannon from the internet by searching for it in your favorite search engine.

Step 2: Once it’s downloaded, extract the archive file to a folder on your desktop.

Step 3: Run the LOIC tool as Administrator.

Step 4: Open GTA Online and find a session that has a player using their orbital cannon.

Step 5: With the LOIC tool running, enter the IP address of the player using the orbital cannon.

Step 6: Click the Lock On & Fire button in the LOIC tool to mimic an orbital cannon attack in the game.

That’s it, my fellas! You can now cause destruction in GTA Online using an orbital cannon for free without spending a single penny.

How to Download Low Orbit Ion Cannon?

To download Low Orbit Ion Cannon, you can search for it on your favorite search engine, and several websites will allow you to download the tool. Remember, dawg, always download from a trusted source to avoid any issues.

How to Use Low Orbital Ion Cannon?

To use the Low Orbital Ion Cannon, you can follow the above steps mentioned in the How to Use Orbital Cannon in GTA Online? section.

How to Use High Orbit Ion Cannon?

If the target player is in a different country and using a VPN, you’ll have to use the High Orbit Ion Cannon tool instead of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon. It’s almost similar to the LOIC tool, but it can attack targets from higher orbits. However, it’s illegal to use it, and you can get in serious trouble. So, be smart, dawg, and always use it for educational purposes only.


That’s it for today’s blog, my fellas! I hope you found it helpful and enjoyed reading it. Remember, always be responsible while using any tool, and make sure you’re not hurting anyone else. I hope you’ll be able to cause some destruction in GTA Online and become the kingpin of your crew. Keep hustling, dawgs!

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